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Next generation travel system

SummerBeds provides a unique ability to package multiple components dynamically.
Prices are automatically adjusted as products are selected and deselected.
Building complex travel itineraries for the leisure or business traveller takes just a few minutes.


A new experience front

- Custom implementation in your site
- Compose, plan, quote and reserve trips
- Saving til 90% of your time
- Fully responsive
- Adding all the services that you need from 1 up to 100!
- B2B, B2C, B2B2C & C2B2C


A world patent inside

- Multiaggregator
- Algorithm selector
- Multi Data
- Multi payment
- Social media sale
- Digital & dynamic
- Brochures


100% Efficient Pre & Post Back Office

- Create your own banners, products and campaigns
- Create dynamic packaging through your users
- Control fees and commissions
- Control sales, financials, quotes, users…

Solutions for everyone


Our system can adapt to all business types
and product presentation towards any client.
You just have to put us to a test!
You will see how we can boost your company
presentation of your products in a more attractive,
fun and fast way, making your job easier.


Travel Companies: Tour Operators, DMC, OTA, Travel Agencies


Hotels / Hotel Chains


Travel and tourism offices


Transport companies

Transport Companies

More than 2000 Air, train and
rent a car through 3 GDS & 4


More than 540.000 hotels through
50 bed banks, DMCs, hotel chains
and Hotelerum


More than 190.000 through
2 activity banks, DMCs &
local suppliers


What is Summerbeds?

Summerbeds is the next generation of online, real time booking platforms, for tourism and hospitality products and services anywhere in the world.

Why is Summerbeds different from all other booking platforms?

It is different in so many ways!

Multiple destinations, multiple products/services intuitively combined together.

It enables in a single website visit  to book real time, simultaneously,  complex trips with Flights+Hotels+Transfers+Rent a Car+Activities -or any combination of these – for any destination in the world.

The user no longer needs to refer to 4 or 5 different websites/sources in order to buy all the travel products they need for their trip.

The prices are displayed as a package price per person, so the user can evaluate instantly if they are within their  total budget for the whole trip.

Captivating and beautiful design with innovative use of Google maps and visualization of destinations and flight paths.

Discover more differences simply by visiting

How does the platform work?

The user selects the date the number of people and the starting point of their trip, the destinations and the duration of stay at the places they want to visit.

The system will return a recommended travel itinerary which includes pre-selected flights and hotels.

These pre-selections can be changed by the user at any time, by choosing any of the numerous available options.

With a fabulous and easy step by step procedure, the user can then change flights, hotels, add or delete transfers, activities, rent a car.

Everything is always displayed in the order of a day by day   time-line, no matter how complex  the itinerary is or how many changes are made during the website visit.

How are prices calculated and displayed?

The system will display it’s initial by-default selections of the trip, with a package price per person, and the total price for all travellers.

Then, the  system will re-calculate and display the package price per person each and every time a change or an addition to the itinerary is made.

Each different option available, is displayed with a + or – value  to the current displayed package price per person, so the user can easily opt for a lower or higher value package according to their budget.

Who are the suppliers of products and services inside Summerbeds?

Summerbeds is connected live and real time, with ten’s of  leading tourism and travel consolidators such as Sabre  for flights, Hotelbeds and Tourico for hotels, transfers and activities, Carnect for rent a car, to name but a few.

The system is configured and ready to connect  to a substantial number of more suppliers if necessary.

Summerbeds also displays results from it’s own contracts with individual suppliers such as single hotels or hotel chains, transfer companies, local destination management companies, excursions and activities providers.

Is Summerbeds a B2C or a B2B platform?

It is both a B2C and a B2B platform. Anyone can use Summerbeds.

Can I save or share my itinerary before I buy?

Yes, the user can save or share instantly  the itinerary of the trip in the format of a brochure, where all the trip is analyzed day by day in full detail.

I am a Travel Agent/Tourism related company. I own a Hotel/Hotel Chain Is Summerbeds suitable for me?

Absolutely. Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Hotels/Hotel Chains, Online Travel Agents and any other tourism related companies selling travel products and services, are ideally suitable to use Summerbeds.

What types of collaboration of my Travel Related Business or Hotel/Hotel Chain business are available with Summerbeds?

1.       Free Subscription.
You simply register your business via our website and you get instant access to all of our real time products and services data base. You can immediately make bookings for your customers using a valid credit card, or  using the balance of a cash amount you have deposited in your Summerbeds account.
Summerbeds will pay you part of the profit margin amounts of the booked and paid bookings you created through your free account.
Contact us for further details.

2.       Microsite/Sub-License
You can buy a Microsite/Sub-License copy of Summerbeds.
The website will have your own company name and url and will be customized to your colors and company details.
All profit margins are yours to keep.
You can add your own payment gateway (Microsite Sub-Licenses).
Please see our pricing section for details and contact us for more information.

I have bought a Microsite/Sub-license for my Travel Agency. Can I add my own contracts with local suppliers of my choice?

Yes, the system supports the upload of your own content. You can add your own hotels, transfers, activities, rent a car etc, and the system will display them in the same way as it’s Summerbeds content.

I have bought a Microsite/Sub-License of Summerbeds. Apart from the initial license cost, do I have to pay anything else as long as my site is live?

Summerbeds charges 1% commission of the total value of each booking generated from your Microsite/Sub-Licence.

There is a minimum amount that this  1% commission must reach each month.

This 1% commission or minimum per month, includes all software version updates and improvements, webhosting of your site, maintenance of all suppliers data in the system and full support and training via e-mail, telephone or Skype.

There are absolutely no other charges.

I have a big Travel Agency / a big Hotel Chain/ a Hotel Management Company. Can I buy a fully independent platform license instead of a Summerbeds Microsite/Sub-license?

Yes, this is possible. Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Is Summerbeds a Travel Agency with a valid Greek E.O.T. license?

Yes, Summerbeds is a fully licensed travel agent with E.O.T. license number MH.T.E. 0206E60000368201

Summerbeds is owned by XenodoxoS Ltd, a Hotel Management Company registered in Athens, Greece.

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