Hotel Operations

Each independant Hotel / Resort can be very different from others with regard to organization,
hardware infra-structure, systems, Information Technology, customer needs and expectations.
Our team will go in to great lengths to analyze in depth and fully comprehend our partner
Hotel/Resort Operations profile: type of business, client mix, level of luxury, operations complexity,
revenue and cost centers, financial data, guest satisfaction scores, competition, industry trends,
owner's directions and wishes.


Our Services include the following:

Is your business running on the optimum Staffing Levels?
Do you get maximum productivity and quality of service for every person on duty?
Is your total payroll amount or percentage of net sales competitive?

Arguably, the most critical factor in any business is its labor structure and its cost.

XenodoxoS offers:

  • Comprehensive, straight forward working tools, lists and procedures that keep Payrol and Quality of Service at optimum levels.
  • Planning and monitoring training and reward programs.
  • Job descriptions, Standards of Operation manuals.
  • Staff recruiting services.

Do you work on realistic budgets?
Is your Managerial staff trained to monitor and evaluate their department’s performance against their budget?
Have you calculated the real cost of each product or service on offer in your establishment?
Do you know your break-even point?

Budgets, when set realistically can significantly help any business reach their targets.

XenodoxoS offers:

  • Realistic revenue & cost, profit & loss Budgets.
  • Constant monitoring of Budgets and key Cost centers, with reviews or corrective actions as necessary.
  • Monthly reports of the actual performance against the budget and the forecast of the month ahead as well as the remaining year.
  • Training of key staff / Department Heads on how to participate, monitor and evaluate their department’s budget against performance on a daily basis.
  • Full monthly inventories, Cost Control calculations of all critical Cost centers.

Are you building or renovating a Hospitality Business? Matching architectural design with operations functionality is never an easy task.

Having a proven track record, and being actively involved in tens of projects, from Restaurants to whole Resorts, from Conference Centers to Resort Water Parks,

XenodoxoS offers:

  • We have established strategic alliances with the Industry’s global leaders, when it comes to designing a new Hotel / Business, or when major refurbishment is necessary.
  • Through our affiliations, any business can have access to a big network of services, specializing in the Hospitality Industry such as Architects, Interior Designers, Food Service Laboratories etc.

The choice of the right quality, the most suitable products at the best price among all the different options available, it can be a really difficult decision. All the hard work is already done by our team of experts. Why not take advantage?

Get all of our substantial experience of the local and international market place for Food, Beverage, Equipment, Amenities and Chemicals. Economies of scale are easy for you to achieve if you combine your purchasing volumes with the volumes of our affiliated Hotels and Businesses and our deep knowledge of the markets.All the hard work has already been done by our team of experts.

Food and Beverage

Food and drinks commodities come in different qualities, packages, prices and specifications. After careful analysis of your Food & Beverage Menus, luxury level, F&B departments, Cuisine styles and guest expectations, we will provide you with 3 tailored made, officially approved by you, lists and accurate current market prices, of authorized suppliers and Food & Beverage products.


Hundrends if not thousands of different types of equipment is essential to a hotel operation. XenodoxoS has many years experience of sourcing, negotiating, transporting/importing and evaluating after use, equipment of all kinds. Our partner Hotels benefit in many ways, such as detailed equipment lists, tailor made and specific per department/use or area of interest, sourcing of all available suppliers, including local, national and international companies, gathering of tenders and price comparison of same quality/specs of products.

Consumables and Amenities

Many of these items have a relative low buying price per unit, making it easy to overlook. However, the volumes involved are simply massive. Detailed analysis and lists of all possible Consumables, Chemicals and Amenities per Operations area have been identified.

Related Services

Performance testing, cost estimates of dishes, cocktails, standardized recipes, menu development, consultants chefs are also some of the services offered by XenodoxoS to its partners.

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